Youth Services Librarian of the Year Award

Presented by the ILA Youth Services Forum and Children's Plus Inc. in honor of Marion Davis for her active role in services to children at the Des Plaines Public Library and beyond. Often serving as mentor to children’s librarians in the area, Davis was a storyteller extraordinaire, making this oral tradition a link with people, young and old.

We are no longer accepting nominations for this award.

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Formerly the Davis Cup Award, this annual award is presented to a librarian serving in the state of Illinois who has made an outstanding contribution in library service to young people. Since its inception in 1971, the award has been presented to individuals who exemplify resourcefulness, professionalism, and caring in their service to young people.


The recipient must be a personal ILA member or be employed at an institution that is an ILA member. The recipient must be a degreed (MLS or MLIS) librarian currently serving children and/or families in a public or school library. A retired librarian may be nominated within the year following retirement. The nominator need not be a degreed librarian. Current members of the Youth Services Forum are ineligible for this award and may not submit a nomination.


The nomination should consist of the completed ILA nomination form and a written statement. The statement should be no more than four pages, demonstrating with specific examples how the individual meets the following criteria. A maximum of three references may be included. The criteria for consideration are:

  • specialized or innovative programs or services for young people initiated by the nominee;
  • service to the library profession through active participation in professional organizations (at the local, state, or national level), the training of others, publishing, etc.;
  • the nominee has influenced and/or cooperated with persons and organizations within his/her community in the planning or presenting of programs or services for young people; and
  • the nominee has reached and affected persons outside his/her own community by deed, idea, and/or example.
  • the nominee is a degreed (MLS or MLIS) librarian currently serving youth in a public or school library.

Award Winners

The recipient will be presented an engraved Revere bowl and a $300 financial award.

Please note that monetary award amounts are subject to change without notice and are contingent upon donor funding supplied at the time the award is presented.

Nomination Deadline

May 15

Nomination Submissions

The nominator’s statement of support should address all criteria under the individual awards as outlined. Nominator must submit the nomination form and attach all support statements, letters, and documentation, etc. required by the award’s criteria.

If a group, department, or organization is chosen as the award winner, the individual members of the group will be collectively recognized. If more than one individual nominates the same person, only one nominator will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony. ILA must receive all nominations by May 15.

Previous Youth Services Librarian of the Year Award Winners

1971    Marion Davis
1972    Florence Burmeister
1973    Charlemae Rollins
1974    Margaret Bush
1975    Mary Greenawalt
1976    Margaret Pendergrass
1977    Yolanda Federici
1978    Winifred Ladley
1979    Marie C. Will
1980    Elizabeth Huntoon
1981    Barbara Lintner
1982    Leslie Edmonds
1983    Ruth Griffith
1984-85 Maxine Payne
1986    Martha Eads Ward
1987    Paula Moore
1988    Mary Ann Sarver
1989    Jan Eakin Jones
1990    Vivian Carter
1991    Pam Bartusiewicz
1992    A. Denise Farrugia
1993    Mary Gwen Dake
1994    Barbara Driesner
1995    Pamela Klipsch
1996    Denise Zielinski
1997    Mary Agnes Schlather
1998    Anne L. Glasscock
1999    Paula Lopatic
2000    Lois B. Schultz
2001    Jennifer Bromann
2002    Sharon Ball
2003    Tina Hubert
2004    Denise Anton Wright
2005    Karen Egan
2006    Amy Alessio
2007    Mary Adamowski
2008    Lori Craft
2009    Vince Sovanski
2010    Dianne Happ
2011    Lori Pulliam
2012    Sue Quinn
2013    Linda Ward-Callaghan
2014    Ann D. Carlson
2015    Andrew Medlar
2016    Sharon Hrycewicz
2017    Amber Creger
2018    Jennifer Bueche
2019    Heather McCammond-Watts
2020    Katie Clausen 
2021    Heather Love Beverly 
2022    Jess Alexander
2023    Heidi Knuth

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