Libraries of Illinois Risk Agency (LIRA)

“Because of my association with LIRA, I am a more sophisticated professional and steward for the library and community. I've learned more than I had in almost 30 years of working in libraries about safeguarding community assets as a direct result of my involvement with LIRA. I'm grateful to be an original participant in this valuable undertaking. Hopefully, additional Illinois libraries will come to understand LIRA is more than insurance; it's a community pulling for each other, contributing to a greater good, and ensuring all are stronger, safer, smarter, and better as a result.”

—Tina Hubert, Executive Director of Six Mile Regional Library District

Participation in this group insurance pool, limited to ILA Institutional Members, is an effective way to save your library money in property and casualty premiums, as well as controlling your own destiny through managing risk and sharing in significant savings.

Since its inception on December 31st, 2013, LIRA has provided an alternative way for Illinois libraries to purchase their property, liability, and workers compensation insurance by providing a platform to group purchase and pool their insurance.

LIRA is accomplishing what it set out to do: provide its membership leverage and buying power in the insurance market. It continues to control insurance costs and provide dramatically improved coverage, limits, training, loss control, and overall risk management services to Illinois Libraries. Since 2013, the membership has more than doubled, with 49 members at the end of November 2017. Recently, LIRA breached another significant milestone insuring over $1 billion in total insured value throughout the state of Illinois.

Kathy Parker, Executive Director of Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District, who served as the LIRA Board President had the following remarks when asked about her experience with LIRA, “Being a member of LIRA I feel as if I am a partner instead of a client. Whenever I have a question the LIRA team responds with a knowledgeable, thorough answer. I am also very happy with LIRA's carrier partners. I have a long and complicated workers compensation claim and they have been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend LIRA to any library that wants a partner for their insurance needs, with excellent coverage at a competitive cost.”

In addition to improved coverage at a lower cost, LIRA recently announced its first surplus return to the founding members, in the amount of $83,340. This is a result of outperforming the market and will be distributed to each founding member at the percentage of their contribution into the program. This will be the first of many future surplus returns to the membership and is yet another significant benefit of participating in the program.

As a successful alternative in the insurance market place, LIRA will continue to provide Illinois libraries an improved insurance alternative.


  • Savings over conventional insurance programs
  • Broader coverage and increased limits
  • More control over claims
  • Premium stability
  • Potential return of surplus

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