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Committee Spotlight from the ILA Alert - Advocacy Committee
February 10, 2022
The first goal of the ILA Strategic Plan is Advocacy. We don’t think this is only an alphabetical coincidence. Advocacy is a cornerstone of ILA and for all libraries. Everyone loves the library, but we are easily overlooked. The Advocacy Commit…
Committee Spotlight from the ILA Alert
November 21, 2019
Folks often think that ‘advocacy’ is just talking with elected officials when you need something. And since that’s the case, they don’t need to worry about it because their director or their Trustees or the ILA staff know…

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Committee Charge

  • Supports the targeted advocacy efforts set forth by the American Library Association and the Illinois Library Association
  • Strives to unite ILA members behind advocacy efforts set for the by the ILA Executive Board;
  • Works in tandem with the Public Policy Committee (PPC) to implement an annual legislative agenda;
  • Provides ILA members with the tools to make local, statewide, and national advocacy an integral part of their professional life;
  • Develops a long-range advocacy plan in conjunction with PPC and the Executive Board; and
  • Within this broad framework collaborates with the ILA President and ILA Executive Director to set an annual calendar of advocacy activities and to create communications, materials, and training in support of these activities.

The Advocacy Committee chair(s) serve(s) ex officio on ILA's Public Policy Committee.

Committee Composition

Composed of twelve voting members, serving three-year, staggered terms. Non-voting ex officio members are the ILA executive director, the director of the Illinois State Library, ILA president, ILA vice president/president-elect, and the chair of the Public Policy Committee.

Follow the Advocacy Committee's activities

  • View the ILA Advocacy Committee calendar for association-wide events and deadlines that guide the committee's work.
  • Access the Ready, Set, Advocate tool kit and video modules, designed as program-ready content for you to show and/or use for professional development opportunities and advocacy training events

Committee Reports, Agendas, and Minutes 

  1. Nanette Donohue Nanette Donohue, Co-chair Collections and Technical Services Manager at Champaign Public Library

    Co-chair Term ends 06/30/2022
    Member Term ends 06/30/2024

  2. Magan Szwarek Magan Szwarek, Co-chair Reference Services Director at Schaumburg Township District Library

    Co-chair Term ends 06/30/2022
    Member Term ends 06/30/2022

  3. Joanna Bertucci Joanna Bertucci, Member Library Director at Park Ridge Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2022

  4. Keith Michael Fiels Keith Michael Fiels, Member

    Member Term ends 06/30/2022

  5. Matthew Fruth Matthew Fruth, Member Oak Park Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2022

  6. Gail Graziani Gail Graziani, Member Assistant Director of Adult Services at Lisle Library District

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  7. Kate Hall Kate Hall, Member Director at Northbrook Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2024

  8. Chris Houchens Chris Houchens, Member Director at Charleston Carnegie Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2024

  9. Qiana M Johnson Qiana M Johnson, Member Northwestern University Libraries

    Member Term ends 06/30/2024

  10. Amanda McKay Amanda McKay, Member Effingham Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  11. Valerie Neylon Valerie Neylon, Member Librarian at City Colleges of Chicago

    Member Term ends 06/30/2022

  12. Jeffrey Wheeler Jeffrey Wheeler, Member Reference and Liaison Librarian at University of Illinois at Chicago

    Member Term ends 06/30/2022

  13. Sam Adams-Lanham Sam Adams-Lanham, Ex officio Community Engagement Librarian at Barrington Area Library

    Ex officio Term ends 06/30/2022

  14. Diane Foote Diane Foote, Ex officio Executive Director at Illinois Library Association

    Ex officio Term ends 06/30/2025

  15. Jeanne Hamilton Jeanne Hamilton, Ex officio Director at Bloomington Public Library

    Ex officio Term ends 06/30/2023

  16. Heather Jagman Heather Jagman, Ex officio Librarian at DePaul University Library

    Ex officio Term ends 06/30/2023

  17. Greg McCormick Greg McCormick, Ex officio Director at Illinois State Library

    Ex officio Term ends 06/30/2025

  18. Carmen Patlan Carmen Patlan, Board liaison Director at Highwood Public Library

    Board liaison Term ends 06/30/2022

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