Awards Committee


Committee Spotlight - Awards Committee
August 25, 2022
You might have seen a listserv post encouraging you to nominate your colleagues for an ILA Award, or heard about the Awards Luncheon at the ILA Annual Conference. But how are the award winners chosen after they’re nominated? Allow us to introdu…
Committee Spotlight - Awards Committee
January 7, 2021
The ILA Awards Committee is a group of volunteers committed to celebrating and increasing awareness of the excellent work, outstanding achievements, and all-around awesomeness of Illinois’s library professionals.  The committee’s mai…

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Committee Charge

Administers the awards and recognition program of the association annually; publicizes the awards to attract qualified nominees; selects association-wide award winners.

Committee Composition

Composed of up to twelve members, serving three-year, staggered terms, including a chair and a vice-chair. The vice-chair will serve as chair in the year following service as vice-chair.

All persons commenting or voting in the ILA awards process will recuse themselves from participating in the process of any award for which they have been nominated or the process of any award for which they have a conflict of interest.

Awards, Nomination Submissions, and Procedures

Committee Reports

  1. Elizabeth Boden Elizabeth Boden, Chair Hinsdale Public Library

    Chair Term ends 06/30/2023
    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  2. Ellen Corrigan Ellen Corrigan, Member Eastern Illinois University

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  3. Amy E. Franco Amy E. Franco, Member Executive Director at Hillside Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2024

  4. Gwendolyn Harrison Gwendolyn Harrison, Member Illinois State Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  5. Alissa T. Henkel Alissa T. Henkel, Member Head of Programs, Resources and Services at Decatur Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  6. Denise Hudec Denise Hudec, Member Skokie Public Library

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  7. Mallory Jallas Mallory Jallas, Member Student Success Librarian at Illinois State University

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  8. Louise T. Svehla Louise T. Svehla, Member Adult Services Manager at Three Rivers Public Library District

    Member Term ends 06/30/2023

  9. Pamela J. Thomas Pamela J. Thomas, Member Bibliographic Grant Manager at Cataloging Maintenance Center

    Member Term ends 06/30/2024

  10. Rick Meyer Rick Meyer, Board liaison City Librarian at Decatur Public Library

    Board liaison Term ends 06/30/2023

  11. Tamara Jenkins Tamara Jenkins, Staff liaison Illinois Library Association

    Staff liaison Term ends 06/30/2025

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