Members providing major support services for membership, leadership, and special interest groups.

ILA's committees provide major support services for ILA membership, leadership, special interest groups, and the Executive Board.  Committee chairs are appointed by the current ILA president with the approval of the Executive Board.  Terms of office vary and include a single one-year term for most committees.  This term is designed to provide an avenue for interested members to become easily involved in ILA activities.  The hope is that the experience gained will encourage members to continue their involvement in ILA.  ILA members may volunteer or be appointed to these committees.

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Advocacy Committee
The Advocacy Committee focuses on implementation of the legislative agenda as recommended by the Public Policy Committee (PPC) and approved by the ILA Executive Board; develops an annual advocacy plan in conjunction with PPC and the Executive Board; identifies advocacy best practices and implements them as appropriate; builds partnerships with organizations that have similar views; is responsible for advocacy education of ILA members; develops educational materials and programs to improve ILA members’ advocacy skills.
  1. Celeste Choate Celeste Choate, Co-chair Executive Director at Urbana Free Library
  2. Denise Raleigh Denise Raleigh, Co-chair Division Chief, Public Relations & Development at Gail Borden Public Library District
Awards Committee
Administers the awards and recognition program of the association annually; publicizes the awards to attract qualified nominees; selects association-wide award winners. Awards, Nomination Submissions, and Procedures
  1. Amber Creger Amber Creger, Chair Youth Department Director at Schaumburg Township District Library
Best Practices Committee
Promotes excellence in Illinois libraries by identifying and making known innovative services, community outreach initiatives, and management procedures. Selects an annual award winner and finds methods for encouraging communication among libraries about their best practices, and, using the ILA Web site, features the best of what our libraries are doing.
  1. Anthony V. Lucarelli Anthony V. Lucarelli, Chair Indian Prairie Public Library District
Conference Program Committee, 2018
Coordinates program planning for ILA Annual Conference. Membership will be made up of individuals representing the diverse nature of our association with appointments for eighteen months.
  1. Jeanne Hamilton Jeanne Hamilton, Co-chair Director at Bloomington Public Library
  2. Lindsay Harmon Lindsay Harmon, Co-chair Instruction & Outreach Librarian at Lewis University Library
Diversity Committee
The Diversity Committee develops, monitors, evaluates, and recommends diversity efforts in the association and initiates strategies
  1. Katrina Belogorsky Katrina Belogorsky, Co-chair Adult Services Reference Librarian at Skokie Public Library
  2. Trixie Dantis Trixie Dantis, Co-chair Teen Services Supervisor at Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Finance Committee
Ensures that the association remains fiscally sound by monitoring association finances and developing fiscal policies; submits a recommended annual budget to the ILA Executive Board.
  1. Jason F. Kuhl Jason F. Kuhl, Chair Director
Fundraising Committee
Identify fundraising strategies that will provide long-term financial stability for the association, to include, but not limited to, such areas as grants, the endowment, and scholarships. Oversees the Illinois Library Luminaries program, which includes monitoring contributions.  
  1. Mary Aylmer Mary Aylmer, Chair Director at Chillicothe Public Library District
ILA Reporter Advisory Committee
To work with the ILA Executive Director to help ensure quality content in the ILA Reporter and to assist in obtaining that content.
  1. Eric Anthony Edwards Eric Anthony Edwards, Co-chair Interlibrary Loan Librarian at Illinois State Library
  2. Jane Hanna Jane Hanna, Co-chair Virtual Community Engagement Manager at Skokie Public Library
Intellectual Freedom Committee
Works to resist all attempts to censor library materials or to restrict public access to information.
  1. Rose M. Barnes Rose M. Barnes, Co-chair Adult and Teen Services Librarian at Oak Park Public Library
  2. Tracy Ruppman Tracy Ruppman, Co-chair Reference/Instruction Librarian & Liaison for the School of Education at Loyola University of Chicago
iREAD Committee
The Illinois Reading Enrichment and Development (iREAD) program is a coordinated, self-supporting effort to develop and provide high quality, low cost resources, and products to enable local library staff to promote reading.  The program’s primary audience is kindergarten through grade eight, but provides supplemental materials for preschoolers, teens, and adults.
  1. Nikeda Webb Nikeda Webb, Chair Head of Youth Services at Matteson Area Public Library District
Nominating Committee
Develops an annual slate of candidates for the Executive Board, including vice-president/president-elect and ALA councilor (every four years). Nominating Committee Procedures and Timeline
  1. Pattie Piotrowski Pattie Piotrowski, Chair University Librarian, Dean of Library Instructional Services at University of Illinois at Springfield
Public Policy Committee (PPC)
Provides the association’s focus on legislative matters; recommends studies on projects designed to advance the development of all types of libraries; advocates legislative action which advances library service for all residents of Illinois. Creating or Changing Illinois State Library Law, by Robert P. Doyle
  1. Scott Pointon Scott Pointon, Chair, Member White Oak Library District
iREAD Summer Reading Programs

The 2018 iREAD theme, Reading Takes You Everywhere! Themed graphics and much more is here!

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