Executive Board

The governing body of the association is an elected Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of sixteen members:  the president, the vice-president/president-elect, twelve directors-at-large, the immediate past president, and the ALA Councilor. The Executive Board shall adopt, implement, and enforce all policies and budgets for the association and coordinate all activities of the association.

Executive Board Duties and Expectations

Submit a Nominee Suggestion for the 2022 Executive Board Election

  1. Jeanne Hamilton Jeanne Hamilton, President Director at Bloomington Public Library

    President Term ends 06/30/2023

  2. Heather Jagman Heather Jagman, Vice President/President-Elect Librarian at DePaul University Library

    Vice President/President-Elect Term ends 06/30/2024

  3. Veronica De Fazio Veronica De Fazio, Immediate Past President Head of Youth Services at Plainfield Public Library District

    Immediate Past President Term ends 06/30/2022

  4. Joe Filapek Joe Filapek, Treasurer Trustee at Aurora Public Library

    Treasurer Term ends 06/30/2022

  5. Laura L. Barnes Laura L. Barnes, Director-at-Large Sustainability Information Curator at Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2023

  6. Amber Creger Amber Creger, Director-at-Large Youth Department Director at Schaumburg Township District Library

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2022

  7. Rick Meyer Rick Meyer, Director-at-Large City Librarian at Decatur Public Library

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2023

  8. Julie M Milavec Julie M Milavec, Director-at-Large Library Director at Downers Grove Public Library

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2024

  9. Megan Millen Megan Millen, Director-at-Large Library Director at Joliet Public Library

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2022

  10. Karolyn Nance Karolyn Nance, Director-at-Large Director at Bartlett Public Library District

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2023

  11. Jordan Neal Jordan Neal, Director-at-Large Career Librarian at Champaign Public Library

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2024

  12. Michelle Oh Michelle Oh, Director-at-Large Education Librarian at Northeastern Illinois University

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2024

  13. Carmen Patlan Carmen Patlan, Director-at-Large Director at Highwood Public Library

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2022

  14. Kara Thorstenson Kara Thorstenson, Director-at-Large Director of Libraries at Chicago Public Schools

    Director-at-Large Term ends 06/30/2024

  15. Paul Mills Paul Mills, ALA Councilor Fountaindale Public Library District

    ALA Councilor Term ends 06/30/2024

  16. Diane Foote Diane Foote, Ex officio Executive Director at Illinois Library Association

    Ex officio Term ends 12/31/2025

  17. Greg McCormick Greg McCormick, Ex officio Director at Illinois State Library

    Ex officio Term ends 12/31/2025

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