iREAD Committee

The Illinois Reading Enrichment and Development (iREAD) program is a coordinated, self-supporting effort to develop and provide high quality, low cost resources, and products to enable local library staff to promote reading.  The program’s primary audience is kindergarten through grade eight, but provides supplemental materials for preschoolers, teens, and adults.


  1. May 11 2018

    iREAD Committee meeting

    Friday, May 11, 2018 11:00am–3:00pm

    Orland Park Public Library, 14921 Ravinia Ave., Orland Park, Illinois 60462

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The program’s goals are:

• to provide a program that supports local library efforts to promote literacy and lifelong learning;

• to provide a forum for grassroots involvement across the state;

• to encourage statewide participation in and use of the iREAD theme;

• to encourage efficient use of local staff time by networking resources across the state;

• to provide high-quality, low-cost products through volume purchase; and

• to provide resources and projects suitable for all size libraries, rural, urban, and suburban.

Committee Composition

The committee is composed of twelve ILA members: three chairs -- chair, future chair, and developing chair; four coordinators: resource guide, showcase, conference booth, and publicity; and five members-at-large to back up coordinators and perform duties as requested by the chairs. The members-at-large should include young adult and adult services representatives to provide guidance on the supplemental materials geared toward these age groups. Chairs will serve a three-year term. Coordinators and members-at-large will serve two-year terms. The committee shall submit recommendations to the ILA vice-president/president-elect for selection of the iREAD chair.

Past iREAD Chairs — iREAD Themes

  1. Nikeda Webb Nikeda Webb, Chair Head of Youth Services at Matteson Area Public Library District

    Term ends 06/30/2018

  2. Donna Block Donna Block, Member Teen Services Librarian at Niles-Maine District Library

    Term ends 06/30/2019

  3. Colleen Cochran Colleen Cochran, Member Glenview Public Library

    Term ends 06/30/2018

  4. John Sebastian Ferrari John Sebastian Ferrari, Member Asst. Dept. Head - Youth Services at Lisle Library District

    Term ends 06/30/2018

  5. Dana Folkerts Dana Folkerts, Member Assistant Department Head of Youth Services at Mount Prospect Public Library

    Term ends 06/30/2018

  6. Elizabeth Forkan Elizabeth Forkan, Member Glenside Public Library District

    Term ends 06/30/2019

  7. Portia Latalladi Portia Latalladi, Member Chicago Public Library

    Term ends 06/30/2020

  8. Kylie L Peters Kylie L Peters, Member Middle School Services Librarian at Geneva Public Library District

    Term ends 06/30/2019

  9. Sara Smith Sara Smith, Member Youth Services Manager at Effingham Public Library

    Term ends 06/30/2018

  10. Brandi Smits Brandi Smits, Member Orland Park Public Library

    Term ends 06/30/2019

  11. Lexie Walsh Lexie Walsh, Member Washington District Library

    Term ends 06/30/2019

  12. Kate Kite Kate Kite, Board liaison Research and Instruction Librarian - Teen Services at Six Mile Regional Library District

    Term ends 06/30/2018

iREAD Summer Reading Programs

The 2018 iREAD theme, Reading Takes You Everywhere! Themed graphics and much more is here!

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