Illinois Library Luminaries

Recognizing outstanding voices in the library community while creating a legacy

Illinois Library Luminaries honor those who have made a significant contribution to Illinois libraries and whose supporters make a contribution of at least $2,000 to the Illinois Library Association Endowment on their behalf. The first Luminary was Peggy Sullivan, saluted by members of the association who benefited from her leadership and contributed $11,975 to the ILA Endowment in 2008 through individual donations of $50 in honor of her more than fifty years of service to the profession.

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In 2009, several other Illinois library leaders joined this illustrious group, and we hope to see many more of your friends, mentors, and colleagues in the months and years to come. Candidates need not be librarians, but need to embody the spirit and mission of ILA and can be nominated during their lifetime or posthumously.

This honor roll for Illinois libraries serves the dual purpose of recognizing outstanding voices in the library community, while creating a legacy through the ILA Endowment to continue their important work.


Nominees can be living or deceased.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Must have made significant contribution to Illinois' libraries, but need not have been a librarian or library staff.
  • Letter of nomination, outlining key accomplishments (including positions held, honors received) and dates of birth and death, if applicable.
  • Include photograph and two hundred maximum word biography for use on ILA Web site and other ILA communications.
  • All nominations require approval by ILA Executive Board.
  • The person bringing the nomination to the ILA Executive Board will coordinate the donations for the honoree and champion the efforts to raise money within a one year time period.
  • If after the one year time period the full $2,000 is not raised, the remaining funds will be deposited in the ILA Endowment Fund.
  • The nominator will inform ILA of the address of the honoree and/or family as well as any personal information to include in a letter ILA can send to notify the honoree and/or family of the inclusion.
  • The ILA Fundraising Committee will serve as the liaison between the nominator and ILA. Please submit nominations to the Fundraising Committee Chair.
  • Induction will be made on receipt of a minimum $2,000 donation to the ILA Endowment.  Luminaries will be honored in the year of their selection.
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