Committee and Forum Policies & Resources

Policies and Forms

Membership Policy
Committee members and chairs, and forum managers and board members, are required to maintain personal membership in the association during their term of service.

Overall Committee Composition Statement

Open Meetings Policy

Statement of Appropriate Conduct

Conflict of Interest Policy

ILA Committee and Forum Report form (Word)

ILA Committee and Forum Report form (fillable PDF)

ILA Meetings via Zoom

Workshop Guidelines

Workshop Budget Planning Form (Excel)

Workshop Budget Planning Form (PDF)

Committee Chair and Forum Manager Duties

Put the board liaison on your roster so meeting reminders, agendas, and documents will be sent automatically to the liaison. Your board liaison is listed on your online roster.

If your or a committee/forum member's address or institution information on the roster appears incorrect, please log in/remind them to log in to the ILA website to update the information. If your or a committee/forum member's term appears incorrect, please contact the ILA office.

Call the board liaison with questions that involve ILA policies, goals, and finances. (Procedural questions are probably best answered by the ILA staff.)

Send the board liaison a copy of the unit’s activity report two weeks before ILA Executive Board meetings (copy the ILA office as well for distribution to other board members). View the deadlines on the calendar.

Discuss upcoming plans with the board liaison in the early stages of development to benefit from useful advice about policy issues that may affect the activity.

Familiarize yourself with ILA fiscal policies and procedures about committee and forum activities, including budgeting and workshop/event planning.

At the end of the term of office, turn over minutes and other significant documents to the new committee/forum leader.

FAQs for Committee Chairs and Forum Managers 

Who is my ILA Executive Board liaison, and what can they do for me?

Your board liaison is listed on your online roster and is your “go to” person for all questions about project scope, budgeting matters, ILA policies, reporting, and a general resource. Board liaisons should be available to attend their assigned committee and forum meetings and provide input and encouragement in order for you to achieve your goals.

Whom do I call at ILA?

The ILA staff is happy to help committees and forums to make sure they get the information they need (312-644-1896). Specifically, ILA staff assignments are as follows:

  • Cyndi Robinson (  Advocacy, Finance, Fundraising, iREAD, Public Policy ,and ILA Reporter Advisory Committees
  • Kristin Pekoll (  Conference Program Committee, Best Practices Committee, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Library Trustee Forum, Public Library Forum, Reaching Forward Forum, Resources & Technical Services Forum, Small and Rural Libraries Forum, Young Adult Services Forum, and Youth Services Forum
  • Tina Koleva (  iREAD, Nominating Committee 
  • Tamara Jenkins (  Awards Committee, Diversity Committees,IACRL, Marketing Forum, and Students and New Professionals Forum

How do I set up a conference call or Zoom meeting?

ILA has a Zoom account and an 800 number for committees and forums to use when they need to meet remotely. Contact your staff liaison for this information.

When are my reports due to the ILA Executive Board?

Committee chairs and forum managers are expected to work with their board liaison to complete regular reports to the ILA Executive Board. Reports should be forwarded two weeks before each board meeting to your board liaison and ILA at The ILA Executive Board will meet on the following dates in 2022-2023:   

  • 9/22/2022
  • 11/17/2022
  • 1/12/2023
  • 3/9/2023
  • 5/25/2023

Does my committee or forum have a budget?


Advocacy Committee:  $1,000
Awards Committee:  Awards should be self-supporting through sponsorships
Best Practices Committee:  $200
Conference Program Committee:  Has separate budget
Diversity Committee:  $200
Fundraising Committee:  $200
ILA Reporter Advisory Committee:  Has separate budget
Intellectual Freedom Committee: $200
iREAD Committee:  Has separate budget
Nominating Committee:  Has separate budget
Public Policy Committee: Has separate budget


Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries Forum:  $500
Library Trustee Forum:  $200
Public Library Forum:  $200
Marketing Forum:  $200
Reaching Forward Forum:  Has separate budget
Resources & Technical Services Forum: $200
Small & Rural Libraries Forum: $200
Students & New Professionals Forum: $200
Young Adult Services Forum:  $200
Youth Services Forum:  $200 

What are my committee’s or forum’s responsibilities at the ILA Annual Conference?

Each committee and forum is asked to submit at least one conference program proposal. The proposal form for the following year’s conference will be available in December and can be found on the ILA website under the events tab. There is no limit to the number of programs a committee or forum can submit. Check the ILA Events Calendar for deadline submission information.

Committees or forums that wish to schedule a meeting at ILA Annual Conference should contact Kristin Pekoll (

Can my committee or forum sponsor a continuing education event or invite a high-profile speaker to speak at conference?

Yes! If you are considering sponsoring a special event, workshop, or conference speaker, please contact Kristin Pekoll ( to discuss your proposal. 

How can my committee or forum submit an article for the ILA Reporter, an announcement for the ILA Alert e-newsletter, or the ILA Connecter blog?

To propose an article, contact Cyndi Robinson ( and the current ILA Reporter Advisory Committee chair to see where your article might fit into the upcoming editorial calendar. To submit an announcement for the e-news, contact Tamara Jenkins ( Of course, you can always start with your staff liaison.

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