Open Meetings Policy

In general, ILA Executive Board, committee, and forum meetings are open to ILA members, with the following exceptions:

  • Nominating Committee
  • Awards Committee

Chairs and managers of meetings that are open by default have the right to declare executive session, under conditions such as the following: Discussion of individual donations or donors (Fundraising Committee but possibly also Conference Planning or other committees or forums that seek sponsorships and donations for events); discussion of individuals' submissions for programs or articles (Reaching Forward, Conference Planning, ILA Reporter Advisory, etc.). Declaration of executive session is at chair discretion but should be as limited in application as possible to protect individuals' privacy. A record of general subject matter discussed and a general resolution should be recorded in the meeting minutes or notes.

Chairs and managers have the right to invite any individuals to address particular topics if necessary, such as when the Finance Committee invites the ILA auditor to present the audited financial statements each year.

Observers and guests (that is, ILA members and/or invited guests) do not participate in regular committee discussions and do not vote. Chairs and managers will ask invited guests to come to the table/microphone when it is the guests' turn to speak; chairs and managers have the right to recognize, or not recognize, observers to make comments.

Approved by the ILA Executive Board November 21, 2019; "Executive Board" added to policy July 19, 2022

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