We Are Here: A Statement on Inclusion from the Illinois Library Association

January 13, 2017

As this new year begins, the Illinois Library Association (ILA) has a message for its member libraries and the people who use them. That message is simple, but powerful. No matter who you are or what you need, we are here for you.

For libraries, librarians, and library supporters, ILA is a resource for professional information on everything from library laws to intellectual freedom practices. We connect you to your fellow librarians, to public officials, and to trends impacting libraries and their communities. We advocate and support library values and are committed to intellectual freedom, privacy, and equitable access.

For the public, libraries are your resource for reliable and accessible information that’s unbiased, fair, and available to all. Libraries connect you to resources, help build and strengthen communities, and foster education and learning.  Illinois residents and visitors are supported by nearly 650 public libraries, 169 college or university libraries, as well as school libraries in the 785 school districts in Illinois and 299 special libraries that focus on particular subjects or areas of study. We welcome you to our institutions.  

ILA is your partner. We invite you to participate in our programs and events throughout the coming year as we work together to strengthen libraries and the communities they serve. Join us by:

  For more information on ILA and what it has to offer, visit ila.org

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