Committee Spotlight - Awards Committee

Awards Committee

August 25, 2022

You might have seen a listserv post encouraging you to nominate your colleagues for an ILA Award, or heard about the Awards Luncheon at the ILA Annual Conference. But how are the award winners chosen after they’re nominated? Allow us to introduce you to the ILA Awards Committee! Each June, members of the ILA Awards Committee have the privilege of reviewing ILA Award nominations and choosing many of the winners (other winners are chosen by the committee that sponsors the award). The committee also publicizes the awards, plans the Awards Luncheon at ILA Annual, and continuously reviews the text and requirements of the awards to make sure that it is easy and straightforward to submit a nomination for someone who fits the criteria.

This year, there are a few exciting changes in the works. If you’d like to support a colleague who has won an award, you can now attend the luncheon without registering for the whole conference. We’re also looking into the feasibility of opening nominations year-round, so that any time you have the desire to nominate a colleague you can – rather than trying to remember during one specific time of year.

Being on the Awards Committee is incredibly rewarding. It’s energizing to have the opportunity to hear about some of the incredible work our Illinois colleagues are doing and to get to applaud them for it. If you are interested in joining the committee next year or finding out more about our work, visit the volunteer page at It’s also just as rewarding to nominate a colleague for an award – keep an eye out on the awards page for when nominations open!

This committee spotlight was written by Lizzy Boden, Chair of the Awards Committee and Adult Services Manager at the Hinsdale Public Library.

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