YSF Committee Job Descriptions

Awards Committee

  • Promotion of the Davis Cup and Golden Ticket Awards via social media and networking groups leading up to the deadline for the awards
  • Read all nominations and vote on a winner for each award (typically June or July)
  • Introduce award winners at the YS Author Breakfast and present awards at conference
  • This committee must have at least 3 members and an odd number to prevent ties

Social Media/Marketing Committee

  • Maintain ILA YS Forum Facebook Page
  • Maintain The Soup Facebook Group
  • Create a schedule to assign posting duties to board members throughout the year
  • Write and mail handwritten postcards to new forum members
  • Promote the Forum at conferences and professional development opportunities

Booth Committee

  • Coordinate the staffing of YSF booth at ILA, IYSI, and Reaching Forward
  • Create schedule for booth coverage
  • Coordinate activities and prizes for the booth
  • Complete exhibitor applications

YSF Author Breakfast Committee

  • Communicate with ILA staff to choose breakfast menu for YS Author Breakfast
  • Create handouts for the tables with the speeches from each of the award winners
  • Attend Author breakfast and do check-in at the door

Stories and Spirits Committee

  • Communicate with ILA staff to choose appetizers for Stories & Spirits
  • Work with ILA staff to communicate with sponsors
  • Organize activities for the event. This has included raffles, trivia, etc.
  • In previous years, Stories & Spirits committee members were the incoming chairs for the following year, but this does not have to be the case moving forward.


  • Lead meetings throughout the year
  • Act as Forum secretaries and take notes at meetings
  • Communicate with ILA Board liaison and submit updates
  • Communicate with YASF Board president and provide updates
  • Communicate with iRead committee and provide updates
  • Maintain and update roster and ILA website (via staff)
  • Take on projects throughout the year as opportunities arise
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