Grow Your Library with Google: 360 Virtual Tours

Grow your Library with Google: 360 Virtual Tours

Recorded on Monday, August 7, 2023

During this exciting session, we’ll review what it takes to optimize your library’s online presence through Google, the #1 search engine worldwide. 

Libraries can greatly benefit from Midwest Pano's expertise in creating 360° virtual tours to showcase their space. As a Google-Certified agency, Midwest Pano has the knowledge and skills to help libraries effectively promote their facilities to potential visitors. With a virtual tour, people can get a comprehensive view of the library and all it has to offer, making it easier for them to decide to visit in person.

As we all know, libraries are essential community resources, and having a solid online presence is crucial for reaching and engaging with patrons. A Google Business Profile is an excellent tool for helping people find your library online and providing accurate, up-to-date information and resources.

During this presentation, Holly Adkins and Nile Clements will speak to the importance of:

  • Having up-to-date information

  • Including relevant keywords and incorporating Google Posts

  • Having reviews and feedback

  • Updating your photos and adding a Google virtual tour

This virtual tour platform is uniquely designed to help you achieve your library’s strategic goals. 

About the Speakers

Holly Adkins is the Director of Operations for Midwest Pano, a top-notch Google Agency that specializes in creating Virtual Tours for businesses. With her excellent leadership skills and a passion for her work, Holly has streamlined the partnership between the Iowa Library Association and Midwest Pano this year. She has also worked tirelessly with over 70 Library Directors in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois to showcase their space on Google.

Holly is a proud graduate of Iowa State University, and she works closely with her team to bring the latest technology advancements to Midwest Pano. She has a long-term vision for her career with the company and looks forward to traveling in the future.

Nile Clements is a Senior Account Executive at Midwest Pano, a Google Certified Agency that specializes in creating virtual tours. A newer addition to the team, Nile has quickly established himself as a valuable member, working closely with libraries and chambers of commerce to build strong relationships and deliver high-quality results.

Nile is known for his exceptional communication skills and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients are satisfied. Outside of work, Nile enjoys exploring his creative side by appreciating different art forms and spending time in nature.

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