Actionable Steps

Working Together for Safe and Secure Libraries: Actionable Steps

For Staff

  • Familiarize yourself with your institution's safety and communications plans.

  • Ensure that your personal social media accounts are secure and in compliance with your institution's policies.

  • Work with your supervisor to identify and schedule relevant professional learning opportunities.

  • Designate breaks during your work day to check-in with and care for yourself and your colleagues.

  • Spend time with your personal and professional networks, and use your employee assistance program for additional support.

For Director/Administration

  • Work with library board and local law enforcement to clarify how decisions will be made and communicated in an emergency.

  • Review safety plan with all staff and volunteers. 

  • Ensure that staff know the communications protocols and where/how to expect information, in case of emergency. 

  • Attend law enforcement preparedness training. 

  • Review your institution's employee assistance program and ensure that everyone has opportunities to access assistance programs.

  • Assess the workplace to ensure that you are fostering a community of care.

For Board

  • Work with library administration and local law enforcement to clarify how decisions will be made and communicated in an emergency.

  • Ensure that the library's safety policies and plan are reviewed, updated, and shared with staff and volunteers.

  • Familiarize yourself with the library's crisis communications plan, including both public-facing and internal communications systems and protocols. 

  • Allocate resources for training and wellbeing services related to safety.

  • Ensure that the board follows clear and consistent processes that prioritize collaboration and inclusion, uplift diverse experiences, and are mission-focused.

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