Local Government Transparency Requirements

Local Government Transparency Requirements 

Q: What are the provisions and current status of proposed state legislation to impose new Internet reporting requirements on Illinois local governments?

A: A group of local government associations commissioned a study that found that:

  • Illinois state government already imposes a host of reporting requirements on local governments. We found 571 statutory requirements to make 763 different “transparency- related” postings via various means. ?
  • A significant amount of the information that the proposed legislation would require to be posted on the Internet is already available on the Internet. ?
  • Much of the redundant information is provided by local governments to state agencies which post on state websites ?
  • An independent review of Illinois local government websites by an organization that promotes transparency in government websites, Sunshine Review, gave Illinois local governments high marks for their websites. ?
  • We find no evidence of attempts to identify gaps in current information available or that cost- benefit analyses have been conducted. ?

See full report prepared by KDM Consulting Inc. (available on this site to ILA members only). 

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