Local Communities Make Preparations For April 8 Solar Eclipse

March 28, 2024

The Centralia Chamber of Commerce, in connection with the Centralia Regional Library, has teamed with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Greenville Public Library to prepare and spread awareness of local attractions for the April 8th total solar eclipse.

Following months of preparation, the organizations have compiled numerous local events, viewing spaces, and visitor guides in each of the two communities, which may be found by visiting illinoissee.org.

The partnership was formed with assistance from astronomer, Mubdi Rahman, PhD, principal of Sidrat Research in Toronto, Canada, who will be traveling to Centralia to view the eclipse.

“With a total solar eclipse, it’s in your face – when these celestial bodies that we see on a daily basis just happen to overlap, it’s so dramatic that people have been talking about them for thousands of years,” Rahman said. “On April 8th, we want to make sure everyone, from young to old, will have a chance to experience this dance of heavenly bodies that’s happening in their backyard.”

The eclipse is expected to begin at 12:44 PM., with totality occurring at 2:02 PM, and end of the event taking place at 3:18 PM. The event is expected to draw hundreds if not thousands of onlookers, with areas in direct totality anticipating the largest crowds.

Prime viewing spaces in Centralia include Fairview Park, Centralia Rotary Park, Greenview Golf Course, Castle Ridge Event Center, and Downtown Centralia. The Centralia Regional Library will also be hosting a viewing party at their facilities near downtown.

Mayor Bryan Kuder said he is pleased to welcome all visitors to the city of Centralia for the April 8th eclipse.

“This is a great opportunity, as the next solar eclipse that will be viewable will be in 2044 in the U.S,” said Kuder. “I would like to encourage citizens to get out and view the eclipse as Centralia is one of the communities that will experience the total solar eclipse.”

For a full list of community viewing spaces, events, and restaurants open for the April 8 total solar eclipse, please visit illinoissee.org.

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