CARLI Creates Google Group for Collection Development Projects

Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries Forum (IACRL)

June 17, 2016

(via Chris Diaz, CARLI Collection Management Committee)

The Collection Management Committee has created a Google Group for CARLI member libraries to discuss and coordinate collaborative collection development projects for the 2016-2017 academic year. Many of us are buying fewer books than we did in the past. According to a survey we conducted earlier this year, there is interest in working together to increase the number of unique holdings in I-Share and the number of e-books available to CARLI members. We discussed a few models for collaborative collection development in a recent webinar, including a model that will increase e-book access for all CARLI members.

The group contains a summary report from the survey we conducted, and it also has a few threads organized by popular subjects. You can collaborate with librarians directly to divide up a subject area, you can commit to purchase X amount of unique content in the subject of your choice, or you can use the group to ask general questions and connect with colleagues. Anyone can post questions or comments to the existing threads, or create new threads.

The Collection Management Committee will monitor the group throughout the summer and coordinate with interested librarians on specific projects in August. We hope to identify specific projects by Monday, August 15, in order to plan for next steps. If you have questions about the Google Group, please contact Chris Diaz at

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