Legislative Update -- April 14, 2022

April 14, 2022

ALA's annual call for advocacy for federal funding is LIVE NOW! "Dear Appropriator" letters are circulating in Congress, addressed to members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. President Biden's proposed budget includes small increases for the Library Services & Technology Act and the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program. We are seeking appropriations for LSTA at $232 million, up to the full level authorized in the Museum & Library Services Act of 2018, and $50 million for IAL. Take action now to help fund libraries!

Some of you have raised questions about the recently-passed SB 3789 Decennial Committees on Local Government Efficiency Act. Originally introduced as the Decennial Committees on Local Government Consolidation and Efficiency Act, its language regarding "consolidation" was removed by amendment in February. In brief, this act, which we expect to be signed into law following June 1, would require units of local government to form a committee "study local efficiencies and report recommendations regarding efficiencies and increased accountability to the county board in which the governmental unit is located." The composition of the committees is outlined in the bill. The bill defines "governmental units" as "all units of local government that may levy any tax, except municipalities and counties." District public libraries are their own units; local libraries in towns, cities, villages, and townships should communicate with their town, city, village, or township regarding library responsibility, if any, for complying with this legislation. 

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