State Keeps Spending With No Budget

August 18, 2015
Nearly 90 percent of state spending has now been committed because of recent court rulings and Rauner administration actions, even though there is no state budget in place.
The remaining 10.6 percent is broken down in an attached graphic...
At the moment, the court orders and other agreements have put the state on a trajectory to spend an estimated $38 billion this fiscal year. The budget lawmakers approved that the governor vetoed, contained $36 billion in spending and investments. The state is expected to bring in $33 billion in revenue this budget year, making the current rate of state spending totally unsustainable, even without funding the remaining 10 percent.
Despite the authority to spend, state programs will run out of money before the end of this fiscal year. If tax revenues do not rise, end of fiscal year cuts will be even more devastating than if they'd been spread out over the entire year.
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