Please Immediately Contact Your Local State Representative and Ask them to Vote NO on Any Legislation Freezing Local Property Levies

May 12, 2015

Several amendments have been filed to bills in the Illinois House of Representatives that would prohibit all local governments and school districts from receiving any additional property tax revenues beyond the 2015 levy unless specifically approved by a referendum. These amendments have been sponsored by Rep. John E. Bradley (D-117, Marion) and Rep. Jack Franks (D-63, Woodstock).  The amendments to House Bill (HB) 677 and House Bill (HB) 695 would impose Tax Caps to ALL taxing districts, including home rule units of local government, and freeze levies at the current level.  The amendments to House Bill (HB) 696 and House Bill (HB) 699 would apply Tax Caps to only non-home rule units of government, but would also freeze levies at current levels.

Local Public Libraries, Public Library Districts, Library Systems, and School Districts simply cannot serve the vital needs of their residents with such drastic limits on local property tax revenues.  Unlike the State of Illinois which finds itself with a $6 billion budget deficit, local governments have cut costs, balanced their budgets and lived within their means.  It is unreasonable to punish local residents who are well served by local libraries simply to divert attention from the States' self created budget problems.  Reducing local services will not close the State's budget deficit, but it will make it impossible for local libraries and schools to meet the needs of Illinois residents. 

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