ILA Member Spotlight - March 2021

April 5, 2021

Mary Black

Evergreen Park Public Library

Mary Black is a part-time Young Adult Services Coordinator at Evergreen Park Public Library, developing a rich and diverse program of service for young people in the community.
Mary solicited The Gift of Carl Foundation, whose mission is to provide educational opportunities around literacy, to sponsor an event to help teens understand the complicated past of race relations using the book, Stamped from the Beginning: Racism Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds. On February 25, Dr. Tracy Crump, Director of African-American Studies at Saint Xavier University moderated a virtual discussion with over 60 students, educators, and other interested persons on how racism impacts our youth and undermines opportunity, equity, and social justice.
As a result, Evergreen Park Community High School is considering Stamped from the Beginning as part of the curriculum next year. A representative from the Foundation participated in the discussion, and besides being motivated to pursue the additional readings listed in the book, is urging her home library to replicate the program.
Mary Black’s passion for library resources and the importance of reading fuels her determination to imbed the library into the fabric of everyday lives.
This spotlight was submitted by the Director of Evergreen Park Public Library, Nicki Seidl. Mary Black is holding the the book cover image in the photo above. 
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