IYSI Program Schedule

Thursday, March 21

10:00 a.m.

Registration Opens

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Luncheon Keynote
Strengthening the Virtuous Circle: Why Diversity in the Profession Matters
In order to provide appropriate and effective services to a wide range of diverse patrons, it is imperative for information professionals to recognize their role in creating and sustaining a welcoming library environment; this is especially important as libraries are about more than great collections, programs, and services, and libraries compete for the attention of patrons with varied interests and information needs. 

This discussion will focus on increasing participants' level of understanding of the value of providing culturally competent library services in order to meet the information needs of all patrons, and will specifically address an increasingly diverse user group: our youth. 

Speaker: Dr. Nicole A. Cooke, Assistant Professor and MS/LIS Program Director, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

12:45 - 1: 45 p.m.

Breaking Loose from Mother Goose!
Baby and toddler programs are evolving from traditional lapsits, to environments that stimulate curiosity, and engage multiple senses through play. Play is listed as one of five practices (talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing) that are important for parents and caregivers to share regularly with their young children to help them build early literacy skills. Infant and toddler years are exciting, but can often be challenging, leaving some parents feeling isolated from the world. Discover the tools to create a program designed specifically to help parents and caregivers build community networks while playing, and socializing with their child. While this program is still librarian-facilitated, we are giving our patrons the opportunity to explore, discover, and have fun while aiding their child in developing a life-long love of language and learning.
Speakers: Wendy Roe and Jaime Pirus, Alsip-Merrionette Park Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Rounds

Hanging with My Homies
The National Center for Educational Statistics noted there are 2 million homeschooled youth in the United States. This statistic demonstrates that homeschoolers are present in all local communities and heavy library users.  Homeschool families love the resources, innovations and services that the public library offers. Learn how two youth services librarians created successful homeschool engagement through programming, conversations and a whole lot of fun.
Speakers: Christina Caputo, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, and Kary Henry, Deerfield Public Library
Streams: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing; Diversity and Social Justice
Room Setup: Rounds

Ignite Session
(Five 10-minute presentations)
Room Setup: Rounds

  • Promoting Summer Reading: a library and school district collaboration
    Summer reading did not always have a huge turn out in our district. Because of our partnership with our school district we were able to visit almost 3,000 students in their schools to promote our summer reading program this past school year. We visited every class in all three elementary schools and our two middle schools. We have found partnering with your school district gets you the best summer reading results. How did we make this work? I will discuss our educational outreach, partnership and scheduling that allowed us to see 3,000 kids in 3 weeks.
    Presenter: Julianne Medel, Wauconda Area Library
  • Subscription Boxes to the Rescue: Readers Advisory with a Twist for Teens
    Interested in a creative way to introduce teens and tweens into new titles’ and series’? A Book Box may just be your answer. Find out how the Hinsdale Public Library got the program started for teens and tweens and the ways you can implement it at your library with any budget.
    Presenter: Melisa Martinez, Hinsdale Public Library
  • A Tween Place to Be
    Come learn how the Wheaton Public Library created a place just for tweens in their Youth Services Department. Hear the successes and challenges of developing tween focused staff, programs, and spaces.
    Presenter: Rachel Weiss, Wheaton Public Library
  • You Can Introduce Kids to World Art!
    Art is a universal language, and children love creating it. I'll discuss a program called "Artist Saturday" where we take a look at an artist that kids may not have heard of before and create a work based on their technique. Artists have included South African painter Garth Erasmus, Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, and French painter Suzanne Duchamp, for example. You don't need any special training or skills, and you may already have most of the materials you need to host these programs.
    Presenter: Jessica Rodrigues, Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library
  • Book Shopping for Great Reads
    Imagine speed dating but with books! Learn about this fast-paced reader's advisory activity that has positively impacted our outreach to local schools. In just 30 minutes, a classroom of students can look at, read about and decide whether or not they want to read over 20 books.
    Presenter: Rachael Dabkey, La Grange Public Library

Is Your Teen Collection Truly Diverse?
This session seeks out the representation of varying identities that are encompassed under the term diversity—such as racial identity, sexual & romantic orientation, disability, religious identity, and more—as they apply to the collections of teen literature. Through both a series of exploratory questions, as well as lists of suggested titles, librarians are given a jumping off point for allowing teen patrons to find themselves represented on the shelves of their library.
Speaker: Rachel Strolle, Glenside Public Library District
Stream: Diversity and Social Justice
Room Setup: Theater

Celebrate the Moon Landing with One Giant Build for Libraries
July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Are you ready to celebrate? Last year, the Morton Grove Public Library went a little space mad and built a fully functional planetarium out of cardboard. Then our community explored the cosmos together. In this hour, we will equip participants with the knowledge and resources to create their own budget-friendly planetariums. We will also discuss how to run a Story Time from Space, host a constellation exploration, and borrow cool stuff from NASA (for free!).
Speaker: Jess Alexander, Morton Grove Public Library
Stream: Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Theater


2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Leadership, Support Services and the 5 R’s: A Family Engagement Framework for Public Libraries
Interested in new ideas for outreach to families? Wondering how you might elevate the family voice in the work that you do? Thinking about how to develop stronger community partnerships in support of families? If so, then this program will benefit you. Through recent publications, the Public Library Association outlined a framework to move libraries forward in helping caregivers better engage in their children’s lifelong learning. Hear about our recommendations related to leadership, support services, and five important processes that build successful family engagement pathways: Reach out, Raise up, Reinforce, Relate, and Reimagine. This program will review the framework and offer examples and ideas that you can use in your library and community.
Speakers: Scott Allen, Public Library Association, and Amber Creger, Schaumburg Township District Library
Stream: Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Rounds

Designing The Lab: Where Curiosity Meets Collaboration
Welcome to The Lab, a place where inquisitive minds in grades three through six can drop in and use their curiosity, imagination, and creativity to explore, collaborate, and take risks through STEAM activities.  This is a space where failure is encouraged, persistence is key, and teamwork leads to lifelong connections. Learn how Schaumburg Township District Library staff conceptualized this space and proceeded to plan and execute their vision without a budget.  Details will be provided on the design of the physical space, as well as the marketing and opening of The Lab. We will review the types of activities that were included in the themed rotations and future plans for the space. The presenters will discuss some of the trials and triumphs of creating a new drop-in space and participants will be given an opportunity to play and experience some of the materials used in The Lab.
Speakers: Rosana Santana and Gretchen Schulz, Schaumburg Township District Library
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing
Room Setup: Rounds

Together At Last: Hosting Teacher Networking Events at the Library For Mutual Benefit
Join Katie and Flannery from the Aurora Public Library as they detail how their library organized a teacher open house that offered an opportunity for teachers and librarians to network and collaborate. They'll discuss tips for organizing such an event and the potential benefits to your libraries and schools.
Speakers: Flannery Crump and Katie Stringwell, Aurora Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Rounds

GREAT New Books for Storytime
Participants will learn about the best new books from 2018 and 2019 to use as part of storytime. Each participant will also receive a swag bag with galleys and publisher material.
Speaker: Rita King, Baker & Taylor
Stream: Authors, Books, Resources
Room Setup: Theater

Top 10 Tips for New Youth Services Managers
Congratulations! You've landed a position as the leader of your library's Youth Services Department! What are you going to do next? Chances are, you don’t exactly know and that’s okay. Join experienced Youth Services leaders who will share their curated ten best tips and tricks for successfully managing the many needs of Youth Services departments. Whether you have management experience in other library departments or specialties or are brand new to management altogether, this program will give you a starting point for success in your new leadership role.
Speakers: Anna Pauls, Flossmoor Public Library, and Alea Perez, Westmont Public Library
Stream: Management, Training, Career Development
Room Setup: Theater

3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

Little Explorers: In-house and Outreach STEM programs for 3, 4 and 5 year olds
Thinking about offering STEM programming for families but not sure where to start? Meet two librarians who have run successful STEM programs both inside and outside the library. Learn how to incorporate age-appropriate projects and activities into a family program that can be repeated throughout the year. We will walk you through how to plan the program and share some of the tips we've discovered to make it easy to bring STEM programming to your youngest patrons and their families.
Speakers: Kimberly Daufeldt and Laura Antolin, Evanston Public Library
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing
Room Setup: Rounds

Get Going on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Youth Staff Can Lead the Way
EDI work is important for all libraries, no matter what the makeup of our communities and patrons. What can youth librarians do to help start or continue the conversation with administrators, coworkers and patrons? How can we rethink our relationships with teens and community partners? How can EDI help inform collections, displays, and programming?
Speakers: Shelley Sutherland and Laurel Johnson, Skokie Public Library
Stream: Diversity and Social Justice
Room Setup: Rounds

Teen Job Fair 101
Learn how the Cary Area Library created a successful Teen Job Fair that is about to have it's 3rd annual event. We will go over contacting businesses, promoting to teens, and providing educational workshops to prepare the teens. We will also include a timelines for how to prepare your library for the event. This session will be lead by the Cary Library's Business Liaison and Teen Services Associate.
Speakers: Becky Oberhauser and Jean Pierce, Cary Area Public Library
Streams: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing; Learning, Making, Doing
Room Setup: Rounds

iREAD Showcase Showdown
It's Showtime At Your Library! Come on down for an interactive, infotaining introduction to iREAD's 2019 theme, and fabulous prizes may be yours! Everyone will walk out with a fortune in ideas for summer reading and beyond. Think you know everything there is to know about iREAD? We guarantee you'll learn something new!
Speakers: Donna Block, Niles-Maine District Library, and Brandi Smits, Orland Park Public Library
Stream: Authors, Books, Resources
Room Setup: Theater

You've Made the Connections with Local Schools, Now What?
Once you have a partnership with your schools, what do you do with them?  We’ll offer you a cornucopia of program ideas and services that our public library has provided our schools.  Teachers and school librarians will also provide testimonials of how the partnership has benefited them and their students.
Speakers: Susan Fulcher and Joseph Friedman, Matteson Area Public Library District; Alice Wolff, Marya Yates Elementary School; Carolyn Delby, Sauk Elementary School; and Deanna Rallins, Illinois Elementary School
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Theater

4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

General Session Featuring Michelle King

5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Dinner on Your Own

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Evening Sponsor Reception

8:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Hour of Power Activity


Friday, March 22

8:00 a.m. 

Registration Opens

8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Sponsor Exhibits

9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Management Lessons from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Does the Wizarding World have anything to teach us about management? The intricate world built by Rowling teaches not only about love, friendship and defeating evil wizards, but also gives valuable tips on how to be a great manager. Explore the management styles of different characters and hear about some of the greatest (and worst) management decisions made throughout the books. Join in an interactive discussion on how you can use these lessons to improve your own management skills. All houses welcome!
Speaker: Kate Hall, Northbrook Public Library
Stream: Management, Training, Career Development
Room Setup: Rounds

Observation Stations: an Interactive, Self-guided Approach to STEM
Discover how we use this monthly passive program to encourage exploration of STEM concepts and parent-child interaction. Observation stations engage toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students by using simple activities such as scavenger hunts, guessing, matching, puzzles, lift the flap, and more. Leave with some easily adaptable ideas to start your own observation station.
Speaker: Amanda Vanderwerf, Batavia Public Library District
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing
Room Setup: Rounds

It's All Service
Learn how we threw out our individual service desks to create a collaborative environment for our staff, why it's resulted in a more streamlined experience for our patrons, and how you can move beyond the departmental state of mind in your library too!
Speakers: Ann Marie Scandura and Joelle Wake, Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District, and Kathy Parker, Retired Library Director, Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District
Stream: Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Rounds

Hello, Homeschoolers: Welcoming and Serving the Homeschool Population in Public Libraries
How do you make homeschooling families feel welcome at your library? Have you wondered how your library can serve the programming, collection, and reference needs of homeschooling parents and children, but you aren’t sure where to start—or even how to bring them in the door? Learn from the successes and missteps of three public libraries serving homeschoolers, and talk with other attendees about how to make public libraries homeschool-friendly places. Join us to swap programming strategies and share ideas for how best to serve this population.
Speakers: Laura Spradlin, Carol Stream Public Library; Kate Easley, Glen Ellyn Public Library; and Lorel Hoegler and Lori Lorenz, Elmhurst Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Theater

Hunger Doesn't End When School Does: Providing Summer Lunches to Kids in Your Community

  • Learn the basics - what is it and how does it work, eligibility, finding a sponsoring organization, staffing, "open" vs. closed sites
  • Benefits - offering kids healthy food, behavior improvements, new families coming to the library
  • Talking points for your administration
  • Challenges
  • After-school option

Speakers: Shelley Sutherland, Skokie Public Library, and Arianne Carey, Niles Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Theater

10:15 - 11:15 a.m.

More Than Words? Addressing Barriers to Professional Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion have long been discussion points and hot topics in the field of librarianship but the discussion has struggled to translate into significant gains in increased diverse membership. In this session, participants will hear about two contributing factors to this stagnation – colorblindness and fragility – faced in the workplace by people of color and learn small actions that can be taken to make libraries more welcoming to ethnic/cultural minorities. Participants will have the opportunity to perform small thought exercises and engage in discussion on the topics of acknowledgement and ally-ship.
Speaker: Alea Perez, Westmont Public Library
Stream: Diversity and Social Justice
Room Setup: Rounds

Teaching Teachers: Offering Continuing Education for Teachers @ Your Library
Learn how to set up a teacher workshop program at your public library that can offer CPDU (continuing professional development units) for Illinois teachers K-12. This program will show you how to apply for an ISBE RCDT code, how to handle the legal paperwork, put together a great program, and get teachers interested. Includes a list of workshop ideas and resources.
Speaker: Rachel Reinwald, Lake Villa District Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Rounds

Work Hard, Play Harder: An Insider’s Guide to Not-So-Passive Programs
Passive programs can be a librarian’s dream or nightmare: they give staff flexibility but they can also involve lots of prep work. Tracking participation in a passive program can also prove difficult. Join a panel of experienced youth services librarians as they tackle the definition of a passive program, how to track participation and share fun examples of ways to engage young customers and their families. Participants will listen to a panel presentation and then engage in passive programs themselves. Program examples will be geared toward children, tweens, and families but can be adapted for all ages.
Speakers: Kerry Bialey, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Tina Ruszala, Palos Heights Public Library, and Jessica Rodrigues, Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing
Room Setup: Rounds

Technology isn't just for big kids! Learn about different programs and products that can help introduce children to the technological world. Technologies to be discussed include:

  • Little Printers: An intro to 3D printing directed to ages 4-8
  • Enhanced Coloring: Introduction to Augmented Reality for kids of all ages
  • Guided Screen Time: A digital storytime that teaches parents a positive way to incorporate technology into their life with little ones
  • STEM Club: a club for grades K-2 that meets weekly and focuses on targeted STEM topics

Speaker: Christina Keasler, Glen Ellyn Public Library
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing; Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Theater

Healthy Readers: Libraries &  Hospitals Team Up
When it comes to early literacy, libraries certainly have the tools! However, we don’t always see the youngest or most vulnerable children in our communities. The medical community is embracing the research about early literacy, which leads to language and brain development and future success. They have the kids but need the tools. This is the story of how seven libraries and one hospital are teaming up to give families books and the tools they need. Learn about our wins and frustrations, and get inspired to partner with pediatric practices in your community.
Speakers: Debbie Wiedeman, Morton Grove Public Library; Kathryn Smart, MS RN, Children's Health Resource Center, Community & Health Relations at Advocate Children's Hospital; and Laura Partington, Skokie Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Theater

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Buffet Luncheon

12:45 - 1:45 p.m.

Music and Movement at the Library! An Interactive Music Based Program for Infants and Toddlers
In 2016, the Mt. Zion District Library realized that the community was lacking in activities and programs for children under 2 years old.  The Library already offered Toddlertime for children 18 months through 3 years old, but decided to add Music and Movement for children ages 6-24 months and their caregivers. This exciting program allows children to participate in singing interactive songs, investigate instruments such as drums, xylophones, and maracas as well as learn sign language, and more! Not only is this a super fun program, but it's also educational and full of great benefits!  Learn how to implement a similar program at your library; no background in music is required!
Speaker: Ashley Batchelder, Mt. Zion District Library
Stream: Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Rounds

2020 Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award Nominees
Come listen to booktalks of the 2020 nominees and learn how members of the Caudill community are promoting the books and program. There will also be time to share what works for you.
Speakers: Michelle Glatt, Chiddix Junior High School, and Ellen Popit, Illinois Heartland Library System
Stream: Authors, Books, Resources
Room Setup: Rounds

Teen Service Librarians as Partners in Community Health
As libraries are re-envisioned as community centers and resource providers (Flaherty, 2015), what is their role in social determinants of health (SDOH)? Come to this session to learn about two different interventions, of which one is "in the works" and the other "is working!" In the first presentation, you'll hear about how the Chicago Public Library teen services department and Northeastern Illinois University teamed up to conduct a needs assessment to uncover teen patrons’ health-related needs, librarian’s preparedness to respond, and the best interventions to meet prioritized needs, all within the context of the SDOH. In the second presentation, learn how the DuPage County Health Department and a local public library teamed up to create a program called ‘The Ask’. This monthly program allows teens to ask anonymous sexual health, relationship, and substance use questions of a panel of experts. Experts answer with a mix humor, advice, and accurate health information. ‘The Ask’ not only provides information, but also puts a face to local organizations and resources.
Speakers: Jennifer Banas and Michelle Oh, Northeastern Illinois University; Becky McFarland, DuPage County Health Department
Streams: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing; Diversity and Social Justice; Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Rounds

Partners in Technology: Using Technology Mentors to Foster Curious Minds
Are you trying to engage your tweens through STEAM? Join Danny Rice from the Normal Public Library and Julia Clark from the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library- Oaklyn to take a close look at a hands on, one-on-one, interest based program that does just that. Partners in Technology pairs 10-14 year old students who are interested in pursuing STEAM-related subjects with adults who work in or are studying technology. Teams meet weekly for 8 weeks to explore robotics, circuits, programming, and more at our library. We will discuss the grant writing process that funded this program, share challenges and pitfalls, and help you reach out to this underserved group.
Speakers: Daniel Rice, Normal Public Library, and Julia Clark, Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library Oaklyn
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing; Management, Training, Career Development; Hot Topics and New Trends
Room Setup: Theater

2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Ask a Manager: Tips and Tricks to Develop Your Career
Join current Youth and Teen Services managers for a career development session led by you! Participants will have an opportunity to submit questions before (and during) the presentation that will help drive the direction of the conversation. Whether it’s getting advice on how to best position yourself for a job, ideas for creative ways to develop leadership experience, managing that pesky work-life balance, or anything else you may be curious about, we would love to share our expertise in this informal, discussion-based session. Questions can be submitted in advance to: shhhyeah.com/IYSI2019AskaManager
Speakers: Alea Perez, Westmont Public Library; Cassie Carbaugh, Grayslake Area Public Library District; Rachel Shulman, Vernon Area Public Library District; Jane Malmberg, Woodridge Public Library; Anna Pauls, Flossmoor Public Library; and Kim Viita, Elmwood Park Public Library
Stream: Management, Training, Career Development
Room Setup: Rounds

Too Old for Storytime, Too Young for Soldering: Programming for 5-8 Year Olds
Looking for ways to engage your 5-8 year olds through library programming and services? Most libraries have an early learning space and many are adding tween or junior high spaces as well. The children in the middle, however, are left without a space specifically designed with their needs in mind.  When it comes to programming, libraries are full of storytimes and play groups for our very young patrons. Once children begin kindergarten it becomes difficult for them to attend these programs. On the other end of the spectrum, a librarian may not feel comfortable handing a 6 year old a soldering iron or a sewing needle.  What is a librarian to do? Never fear! These presenters will equip you with ideas on how to make your library and your programming better suited for the “middle children” of youth services.
Speakers: Rosana Santana and Samantha Eichelberger, Schaumburg Township District Library
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing
Room Setup: Rounds

Muggle Magic: How to Create Every Day Magic in Your Programs
Attention, muggle librarians! No wand needed for the magic we're conjuring up in this informative and participatory session on programming for youth in the library. Join us as we discuss and explore how library programs are the key to instilling a lifelong love of learning, how they can support teachers and classroom STEAM initiatives, and how they can help libraries become the third space. From gamified learning via Spy Clubs to immersive theater programs like Hogwarts Potions Class, we'll cover a wide variety of programming styles and techniques paired with a program planning template and assessment tool to take with you. We solemnly swear that we're up to no good, and hope you'll join us in creating some muggle magic!
Speakers: Leigh Anne Wilson, Carol Stream Public Library, and Brittany R. Jacobs, Libraries Unlimited
Stream: Learning, Making, Doing; Management, Training, Career Development
Room Setup: Rounds

Raising Readers Beyond our Walls: What Effective Early Literacy Partnership Looks Like
While off-site early literacy initiatives allow us to connect with children who may not visit our libraries, they also present challenges. Learn how Skokie Public Library (SPL) built a  strong early literacy collaboration as we highlight Read To Me, a partnership between SPL and an early childhood center. For Read To Me, SPL trains early literacy ambassadors to read, sing, and talk one-to-one with children at the early childhood center on a weekly basis to enhance language development, build nurturing relationships, and foster a love of reading. Take strategies home that will empower your library to raise healthy, vibrant children together with your community!
Speaker: Laura Partington, Skokie Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Rounds

Reaching Out: Small Efforts Make a Big Impact
Outreach can be an intimidating word. Where do you start? How do you make the time? What parts of your community do you focus on? Learn about how our staff of six has continuously built our outreach through small efforts that have made a big impact on our relationships with local schools and community organizations, including LeaderShop, an after-school care and summer camp program, and the Helping Hand Center, which offers a therapeutic school for children on the autism spectrum.
Speakers: Rachael Dabkey and Laura Goldsborough, La Grange Public Library
Stream: Advocacy, Outreach, Marketing
Room Setup: Rounds


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