Institutional Member Spotlight - Batavia Public Library

July 1, 2024

Our latest Institutional Member Spotlight is on the Batavia Public Library! The library is located in Batavia, Illinois, the oldest city in Kane County. Continue reading to learn about the Batavia Public Library!

Library's History

The Batavia Public Library, one of the oldest public libraries in the Fox Valley, has a rich history dating back to its origin in 1868 as a library association. Members initially supported the library by paying a $5.00 lifetime membership fee along with an annual tax, which funded the purchase of books. The library's first collection was housed in an upper room of the Harvey Block on South Batavia Avenue, between First and Main Streets. 

In 1873, F. H. Buck became the first paid librarian, managing a collection of 384 volumes during his 15-year tenure. The library continued to expand, and by 1882, it boasted 1,000 volumes and transitioned into a township library. The Batavia Public Library District was officially formed in 1975.

Throughout its history, the library relocated five times between 1868 and 2002. Eventually, a referendum was passed for the construction of a new 54,000-square-foot building. Today, the Batavia Public Library serves a population of over 26,000 and has a collection of over 213,000 physical items.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Batavia Public Library is to provide and ensure access to materials and services to meet the lifelong learning needs of residents and organizations, as well as to create a welcoming place to gather, exchange ideas, and participate in cultural events.

How Many Patrons Served a Year

We have 14,110 active library cardholders and have about 144,000 visitors each year.


  • Administration
  • Circulation
  • Adult & Teen Services
  • Youth Services
  • IT
  • Promotional Services
  • Technical Services
  • Facilities

The Staff Member Who's Worked at the Library the Longest

Michael Mollohan has worked as a Library Page for over 32 years.

The Newest Staff Member

Don Robinson recently joined the staff as the new HR & Finance Manager

Why Did You Become an ILA Institutional Member?

ILA membership has been a valuable resource for our staff, offering opportunities for professional development and broader engagement with the library community. Being involved in conferences, committees, and forums can help team members grow professionally by exposing them to new ideas, best practices, and networking opportunities. 

The Best Thing About Being an ILA Institutional Member?

Conferences, networking, and professional support.

Fun Facts About the Library

  • We have a staff that spans 4 generations: 17-83 years of age.
  • Our Friends of the Library holds approximately 24 special book sales every year!
  • Two of our employees were mentioned in the acknowledgments of Nancy Thayer’s latest book, The Summer We Started Over: “Special thanks to the infinitely brilliant Misty Jump and Aimee Marx of the Batavia Public Library, who make reading fabulous!”

Popular Events/Programs with Patrons

  • Annual Science Fair – families are invited to learn and explore together
  • BatFest Stories – part of a city-wide Halloween-themed family event
  • Sundays on Stage – an ongoing concert series
  • Books Between Bites - a monthly book review program
  • Community Check-ins on Social Media
  • Prom Dress Giveaway – annual event with Chip In Batavia

Favorite Event 

The Annual Prom Dress Giveaway is so much fun. Providing free dresses for high school students not only helps alleviate the financial burden of prom but also creates a sense of community and support. Sometimes, the line to get in goes down the street and around the block! We also have a lot of fun promoting this event on social media.

iREAD Summer Reading Programs

Since 1981, iREAD provides high quality, low-cost resources and products that enable local library staff to motivate children, young adults, and adults to read.

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