Update on the books removed from Danville Correctional Center

July 11, 2019

Update from WLDS-WEAI (published on September 9, 2019):

The Illinois Department of Corrections will have new policies next month governing their prison libraries. The change comes on the heels of the Danville Correctional Center’s removal of nearly 200 books from their college-in-prison program’s library earlier this year. The new policy is meant to curb any arbitrary acts of censorship from happening in state prisons. Read the full article here.

Update from July 11, 2019: We are thrilled to report that all of the nearly 200 books that were removed from the Education Justice Project library in Danville were returned. EJP Director Dr. Rebecca Ginsburg contacted the ILA office to confirm this news on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. 

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