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  • Multi-Generational Story Time Field Trips - Bring the library into the community with multi-generational story time field trips. Hinckley Public Library District has been running this incredibly successful program for the last three years. They visit local businesses and organizations for behind-the-scenes tours that attract patrons of all ages. Rylie Roubal, Director of the Hinckley Public Library District, will explain how to get going with your plan.
  • Connecting with Staff Remotely - We are living in unprecedented times. Unlike most remote work, we have had to ramp up to having most of our staff work from home in a matter of days, leaving us no time to prepare for this change. So how do you stay connected during this time both for work and to foster interpersonal relationships? Learn simple strategies for staying connected with peers, managers, and the whole library.
  • Interviewing Remotely - Now that in person interviews will be paused for awhile, what do you need to do to offer meetings remotely? How do you set up a remote interview and what is different about interviewing remotely compared to interviewing in person. Join Kate Hall, Executive Director of Northbrook Public Library, to learn the ins and outs of interviewing remotely and then share your tips and tricks.
  • Library Separation/Termination 101: A Quick Guide - Whether an employee leaves the library voluntarily or if they have been terminated, there are necessary steps that must be taken to ensure the process goes smoothly. Attendees will have a checklist for voluntary separation and best practices to follow when it becomes necessary to terminate an employee.
  • How I Grew My Teen Volunteer Program And You Can, Too Since taking over our library volunteer program, our average participation has risen from 10 to more than 30 teens. Learn how we figured out what works for us, and how we created a volunteer program that is attractive to teens and beneficial to the library.
  • Virtual Library Environment: What's Working?The typical work of library staff and the ways users engage with the library have changed significantly in the last few weeks. What new things have we tried? What have we learned from these experiences? What will our work and the library experience look like in the future? 
  • Outside of the Box ProgramsLearn how to grow beyond traditional programming and implement new approaches perfect for your library. Understand how to introduce unique programs to better engage your community without putting too much stress on the budget. This webinar will present approaches to reinvigorate classic programs by creatively integrating technology and provide skill building learning opportunities. Best of all you’ll walk away with ready to replicate program ideas that can be customized for your unique library users! 
  • Music Programming in LibrariesHave you ever wanted to have concerts at your library, but didn't know how to get started? Wondering how to make your space more professional? Madison Carroll, a librarian and the classical music specialist at Northbrook Public Library has extensive experience as a performer, artist liaison, now as a library programmer. Find out how to start your concert series, communicate with performers, and enhance the professionalism of your concert space. 
  • Contemporary Fairy-Tale and Folklore Novels/Novelizations in Adult Literature Felicia Veronica Edens, a librarian at the Chicago Public Library, presents a summary of the history of the fairy tale and folklore form by examination of popular culture and contemporary literature in relation to the public library.
  • Data Storytelling and Story Wisdom Data storytelling is an emerging area across a wide array of fields, including both new approaches to data analysis as well as new application of long-established ideas. However, advice to “tell the story” rarely indicates how to move from data to story. Based on the professional tradition of storytelling in library and information science (LIS), this talk presents a three-part road map for thinking playfully about data in story form. Three conceptual approaches are presented: 1) narrative strategies for understanding story in data, 2) narrative structures for building story from data, and 3) a six-part model for troubleshooting data storytelling dynamics. This webinar was presented by Kate McDowell. Ms. McDowell is an Associate Professor at School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The slides from the presentation are available here
  • Copyright for Educational Use in the Age of COVIDCopyright has become front and center now that faculty are rapidly restructuring classes to online or hybrid status. How do we, as librarians, best support this rapid shift to online teaching and learning? And, how does copyright impact that analysis? These questions and more will be discussed in the webinar. This webinar was presented by Sara Benson. Ms. Benson is a Copyright Librarian and an Assistant Professor and is currently serving as Interim Head of the Scholarly Commons at the University of Illinois Library. The slides from the presentation are available here.
  • We Can Walk Together Creating Meaningful Dialogue on Race in our Communities James A. Bowey, artist and 2020 ILA Conference DiversiTEA speaker, presents a timely discussion on how libraries can create meaningful dialogue about race in their communities. The webinar is based in his current project, “We Can Walk Together,” in which he meets and takes walks with people of color. The result is an exhibition of powerful portraits and deeply personal stories that spark a transformative conversation about race in our individual lives and society. The presentation will provide you with an introduction to the project, as well as specific programming ideas, both in-person and virtual, to engage your communities at this critical juncture of race and justice in America.
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