Read Beaten the Beaten Path at your installation library this summer!

During the summer months, DoD-MWR Libraries around the world will host a range of free activities for children, teens, and adults that encourage and support a love of reading. Participants also can earn incentives by reaching their reading goals.

DoD-MWR Summer Reading programs are designed to make the library a great place for kids to read, learn, and discover what’s available for their enjoyment throughout the year.

There’s also a serious side to summer reading. Research has shown that reading over the summer prevents summer reading loss.

Studies also indicate students who read recreationally outperformed those who don’t. Students read more when they can choose materials based on their own interests. DoD-MWR libraries are committed to supporting lifelong learning and educational enrichment for all families.

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Summer Reading Research

Click here to learn more about the history and impact of summer reading programs.

Prevent Summer Slide

Parents of children enrolled in library summer reading programs reported that their children spent more time reading over the summer, read more books, were well prepared for school in the fall, and read more confidently. Click here to learn more.

DoD-MWR Summer Reading

  • Promotes summer learning
  • Improves school performance in the fall
  • Develops a love of reading
  • Creates fun family time
  • Builds community