Annual Reports

Since 2010, DoD-MWR Summer Reading has promoted summer learning, improved performance during the school year, and developed a life-long love of reading. DoD-MWR Summer Reading has created fun family time, encouraged reading at home, and helped build community for military personnel.


2021 Annual Report: Reading Colors Your World                                  

Exploration, creativity, growth

2020 Annual Report: Dig Deeper                                   

Read, investigate, discover



2019 Annual Report: It's Showtime At your Library

Music, dance, perform, read

2018 Annual Report: Reading Takes You Everywhere

Exploration, adventure, discovery


2017 Annual Report: Reading by Design

Imagination, design, building, and making


2016 Annual Report: Read for the Win

Sports, the Olympics, and achievement


2015 Annual Report: Read to the Rhythm

Music and dance


2014 Annual Report: Paws to Read

Pets and animals


2013 Annual Report: Have Book Will Travel

Travel, types of transportation, and geography


2012 Annual Report: Reading is So Delicious

Food, eating right, exercise


2011 Annual Report: Midsummer Knight's Read

Medieval times and fantasy


2010: Voyage to Book Island

Oceans, vacations, and treasure hunts

Summer Reading Research

Click here to learn more about the history and impact of summer reading programs.

Prevent Summer Slide

Parents of children enrolled in library summer reading programs reported that their children spent more time reading over the summer, read more books, were well prepared for school in the fall, and read more confidently. Click here to learn more.

DoD-MWR Summer Reading

  • Promotes summer learning
  • Improves school performance in the fall
  • Develops a love of reading
  • Creates fun family time
  • Builds community