Call Your Representative and Senator Today Regarding the Property Tax Freeze Bill

November 7, 2017

As the Illinois General Assembly prepares to convene for the second week of the veto session, state legislators must be contacted in their Springfield offices.  If you don't know your legislators names or Springfield phone numbers, please go the ILA website.

Four talking points against Senate Bill 851 are below:

  1. I’m calling to urge my representative/senator to vote against Senate Bill 851, the property tax freeze bill, which will hurt our state’s libraries. 
  2. Unlike elementary schools, community colleges, state universities, and cities which are supported by federal and state funds, and local property taxes, public libraries rely overwhelmingly on property taxes as the source of revenue used to pay for operations and personnel costs.
  3. If this bill becomes law, library hours and weekend program offerings could be reduced or eliminated, and after-school programs that are necessary may no longer exist.
  4. Libraries have always been places where families and students can invest in themselves—state government should not cap the amount of resources that our community desires to invest in them.
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