Bylaws of the Illinois Public Library Forum

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Illinois Public Library Forum, a part of the Illinois Library Association (ILA).

Article II – Purpose

The Public Library Forum addresses the networking needs and professional growth of public library staff.

Article III – Membership

Any member of the Illinois Library Association concerned for the future of public libraries may become a member.

Article IV – Leadership

A. Management of the forum shall be vested in the executive committee made up of no fewer than 5 members including two co-chairs, a reporter, and a secretary. Co-chairs will serve staggered two year terms. The reporter, secretary and all other members will serve a one year term.

B. Duties of the co-chairs will be to preside over meetings to communicate with the ILA Executive Board, to oversee the development of programs that assist in the educational growth of public librarians, and to address networking needs.

C. Members of the executive committee are nominated by the forum members and elected at the annual business meeting held at the ILA Annual Conference.

D. The executive committee shall conduct all business pertaining to the Forum and shall have the authority to make decisions for the Forum during the period between business meetings. Three of the five elected committee members shall constitute a quorum required for taking action.

Article V – Committees

Standing and special committees may be authorized by the executive committee. Members to these committees shall be appointed by the co-chairs; will serve a one year term; and, can be reappointed.

Article VI – Meetings

An annual business meeting of the forum will be held during the ILA Annual Conference. A program planning meeting will be held during the summer.

Article VII – Amendments
The By-laws shall be amended by a simple majority vote of the members present at the annual business meeting.

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