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ILA publications can be ordered in three ways. You can place an order for any of our currently available publications by phone, fax, or electronic order form.  Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and AmEx are accepted.  Costs may vary for non-members.

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Financial Manual for Illinois Public Libraries

This first edition of the Illinois Library Association's Financial Manual for Illinois Public Libraries is designed to be a practical and convenient resource tool.  It outlines the budgeting and levying process of Illinois libraries, and also provides guidance related to personnel, construction, and liability issues.

Price:  Member $20.00; Non-member $30.00

ILA Reporter

Newsletter of the Association published six times a year; contains statewide calendar of library events.

Price:  Free to ILA Members; Non-member subscriptions: $25.00

Illinois Library Laws and Rules in Effect October 2012

This essential compilation includes all current laws and rules affecting library service in Illinois.  A valuable tool for those crafting library administrative policy -- librarians, trustees, and governmental officials -- in need of current knowledge of the law.  Several new rules governing including regional library system membership, reciprocal borrowing, and state grants that took effect in July 2012 are included.  The statute section has been updated with changes occurring since the previous 2010 edition, including laws passed but not in effect until 2013.  This edition also includes ethics statutes that were not part of earlier editions.  Includes an index for easy reference.

Price:  Member $25.00; Non-member $40.00

A new edition --- Illinois Library Laws & Rules in Effect January 2015 --- is planned for publication in March 2015.

Serving Our Public 3.0:  Standards for Illinois Public Libraries, 2014

Public library standards for Illinois.

Price:  Member $25.00; Non-member $30.00

2014-2015 Illinois Library Association Handbook of Organization and Membership Directory

Handbook provides a guide to ILA's structure, including names of current officials and committee members, key documents such as bylaws and policies, and award information.  Membership Directory includes the name and brief address of personal, institutional, and associate members.

Price:  Member $25.00; Non-member $40.00

Trustee Facts File, Fourth Edition

Available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple sites for download to Kindle, Nook, and iPad

Price:  $9.95

A print version is made available through for $20.