Issue oriented, responding to librarians' social issues.

2014-2015 Manager

James Madigan
Oak Park Public Library
834 Lake St.
Oak Park, IL  60301-1314
phone:  708-697-6909
fax:  708-697-6900
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Board Liaison:  Anne M. Hughes


Bylaws of the Librarians for Social Responsibility Forum

Article I—Name
The name of this organization shall be the Librarians for Social Responsibility (LSR) of the Illinois Library Association.

Article II—Purpose
The purpose of LSR shall be to promote social responsibility by providing an opportunity for the discussion of the responsibilities of libraries in relation to the important problems of social change, which faces libraries and library workers.

Article III—Membership
Any member of the Illinois Library Association (ILA) may become a member of LSR.

Article IV—Leadership
Leadership in the forum will be provided by an executive committee made up of two co-chairs and a reporter-secretary. Co-chairs will serve for two years and the terms will be staggered. The reporter-secretary will serve for one year.

Duties of the co-chairs will be to preside over meetings, to communicate with the ILA Executive Board, and to oversee the development of programs. The duty of the reporter=secretary will be to provide articles to the ILA Reporter.

Members of the executive committee are nominated by the forum members and elected at the annual business meeting held at the ILA Annual Conference.

Article V—Affiliations
The executive committee may affiliate the organization with any organization whose purpose is consistent with that given in Article 2.

Article VI—Meetings
An annual business meeting of the forum will be held during the ILA Annual Conference. A program planning meeting will be held during the summer.

Article VII—Amendments
The bylaws shall be amended by a simple majority vote of the members present at the business meeting.

Approved by the forum October 18, 1999