Librarian of the Year Award
Presented by the Illinois Library Association and Sikich.

This award recognizes a librarian’s distinguished service and leadership in Illinois libraries. Generally, the librarian so honored will have made an impact locally, statewide, and nationally.  However, if an individual’s service is unusually outstanding on one level, then the nomination can rest on that area alone. Librarians so honored will have demonstrated a commitment to libraries, and especially Illinois libraries, which can serve as a model for others in the profession.

The eligible librarian is any professional staff member of an Illinois library and member of the association.

The award recipient shall meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • active membership in ILA, as evidenced by attendance at conference and workshops, participation on ILA committees or forums, or other support of the association; 
  • leadership role in ILA; 
  • positive contributions to the library field, such as research, publications, innovative program development, etc.; and 
  • outstanding work on a particular aspect of library service in the home library of the nominee, e.g., grant award, successful referendum for tax or bonds for library construction, outstanding public relations program, etc.

An official nomination shall consist of a letter of nomination justifying the nomination in light of the criteria above.  Letters of support will not be considered.  Instead, the nominator is asked to list references with which the committee may consult, if additional information about the nominee is required.

One or more awards may be presented. In the event that no deserving nominations are received, the ILA Awards Committee members may not then nominate a recipient.

Award Winners
The recipient will receive a certificate and a $500 financial award.

Nomination Deadline
May 15


Nomination Submissions
The nominator’s statement of support should address all criteria under the individual awards as outlined.  Nominator must submit the nomination form and attach all support statements, letters, and documentation, etc. required by the award’s criteria.  ILA must receive all nominations by May 15.

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