Intellectual Freedom Award
Presented by the ILA Intellectual Freedom Committee and Quality Books, Inc. The officers and managers of Quality Books, Inc. are lifelong residents of Illinois and have strong personal commitments to libraries. Freedom to choose what materials shall be available in libraries is a core concern and this honorarium recognizes the sharing of that responsibility by others.

An individual or group is recognized for outstanding contributions in defending intellectual freedom or the advancement of these principles as espoused and promulgated by both the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association.

Nominations are solicited throughout the state of Illinois from school, academic, special, and public libraries. Library systems are also solicited, as well as ILA and its forums and committees.  Any other Illinois group or individual may also submit nominations.

Submit a written statement of how the nominee meets the criteria. If nominated due to a specific incident, give the date and attach any supporting documentation, such as newspaper clippings, etc. The award may be for a single event of the current year or for an ongoing project, educational workshop, or promotion. It also may be related to legislative support on the local, state, or national level. 

Special consideration will be given to events or contributions relating directly to the First Amendment. 
The committee is also interested in recognizing activities related to the broader topics of freedom of information, with the understanding that contributions must impact directly on Illinois and its citizens to be considered.

Name and reason for the choice will be presented to the ILA Board and Quality Books, Inc.  The chosen recipient will be informed in advance and given the right of refusal because recognition from publicized intellectual freedom activities sometimes kindles controversy. In the event that no deserving nominations are received, the ILA Intellectual Freedom Committee members may not then nominate a recipient. Instead, the award will not be given.

Award Winners
The recipient will be presented with a certificate and a $500 financial award.

Nomination Deadline
May 15



Nomination Submissions
The nominator’s statement of support should address all criteria under the individual awards as outlined.  Nominator must submit the nomination form and attach all support statements, letters, and documentation, etc. required by the award’s criteria. ILA must receive all nominations by May 15.

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