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ILA Awards Procedures



The Illinois Library Association’s awards program recognizes excellence in librarianship and library service in Illinois. The program increases awareness of the contributions of all association participants, including recipients, sponsors, co-sponsors, and committees/forums.
Awards Committee
The Awards Committee administers the recognition program of the association annually; works in conjunction with committee and forum managers to administer committee and forum awards; publicizes the awards to attract qualified nominees; selects association-wide award winners. Committee chair and members are appointed by the vice president/president-elect of ILA. Committee membership is limited to not more than ten personal members, in addition to the chair, representing diverse types of libraries. Members serve two-year, staggered terms with up to five members being appointed each year. The chair serves a three-year term: one as a member-at-large, one as the chair, and one ex-officio.Committee members who have been nominated or who have made a nomination for any award will remove themselves from commenting or voting during the voting process. In the event that a committee member’s library has nominations (either for the library or library employee), that committee member will remove themselves from commenting or voting during the voting selection. The ILA organization, ILA committees, and ILA forums are not eligible to be nominated for any ILA award. 
ILA Committees and Forums
The following ILA committees and forums that present awards that support a unique mission of their own:
Readers' Advisory Service Award
See a complete list of previous award winners.
All awarding groups must work in accordance with the established timetable listed in the Awards guidelines. 
Awards not given by an ILA committee/forum but from another source, (such as a library, individual, company etc.), will be solicited, evaluated, selected and announced by the Awards Committee.
ILA committees/forums must:
1. Obtain and confirm sponsorships.
2. Solicit nominations in cooperation with the Awards Committee.
3.  Evaluate award nominations.
4. Contact the award winners, in cooperation with the Awards Committee, and send all necessary follow-up documentation.
Lack of Suitable Award Applicant
Awards committee and committees/forums are not obligated to make a selection of a winner in any year when an appropriate candidate for an award is not available. In the event that no deserving nominations are received, the committee/forum may not then nominate a recipient. In the event that no nominations are received, the committee/forum may nominate one or more persons from which the committee/forum may then choose a recipient. See individual award descriptions for more information on award applicants.
Nomination/Review Procedure 
The Awards Committee begins to publicize the nominations for ILA awards in January under the guidance of ILA staff. Publicity will be included in the ILA Reporter, ILA E-Newsletter, and on the ILA Web page. Each committee/forum that is responsible for an award will work with the Awards Committee to promote its award. All publicity should start in the month of January and conclude in May. 
All nominations and letters of recommendation should be received by the ILA office by close of business on May 15. Any nomination that does not include all of the necessary components outlined on the stated criteria of the award will not be considered. 
The ILA office will send all necessary nomination documentation to Awards Committee members, as well as each committee chair/forum manager responsible for an award, and notify the Awards Committee chair of number of nominations received for each committee/forum award. A systematic procedure for evaluating nominations should be agreed upon prior to the selection. It is strongly suggested that the procedure and/ or form utilized in the previous year be used or at least serve as a point of reference.