Deborah Dowley Preiser Marketing Award
Presented by the Illinois Library Association and the Oak Park Public Library.  

This award recognizes a library employee's excellent work in public relations and adult programming over a period of several years, reflecting the importance of publicity and adult programming as central to the role of the library as a community center and to the library as place.

The award recipient shall demonstrate most or all of the following:

  • Membership in ILA.
  • Employment in an Illinois library.
  • Involvement in library public relations and adult programming at the ILA and in other local/regional/national forums.
  • Continuing production of exciting and innovative public relation activities and/or adult programming.
  • Demonstrated success at level that is recognized as exemplary over a period of years in either or both library public relations and adult programming.
  • Nominee is considered a role model by virtue of deeds, actions, ideas, and examples.

Award Winners
Recipient will receive a certificate and a $250 financial award.

Nomination Deadline
May 15



Nomination Submissions
The nominator’s statement of support should address all criteria under the individual awards as outlined.  Nominator must submit the nomination form and attach all support statements, letters, and documentation, etc. required by the award’s criteria. ILA must receive all nominations by May 15.

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