Davis Cup Award
Presented by the ILA Youth Services Forum and ABDO Publishing to honor Marion Davis for her active role in services to children at the Des Plaines Public Library and beyond. Often serving as mentor to children’s librarians in the area, Davis was a storyteller extraordinaire, making this oral tradition a link with people, young and old.

This annual award is presented to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in library service to young people. Since its inception in 1971, the award has been presented to individuals who exemplify resourcefulness, professionalism, and caring in their service to young people.

The recipient must be an ILA member. Neither the recipient nor the nominator need be a youth services librarian. Members of the Davis Cup Committee and the Youth Services Forum officers cannot nominate an individual for the Davis Cup.

The nomination should consist of the completed ILA nomination form and a written statement. The statement should be no more than four pages, demonstrating with specific examples how the individual meets the following criteria. A maximum of three references may be included. The criteria for consideration are:

  • specialized or innovative programs or services for young people initiated by the nominee; 
  • service to the library profession through active participation in professional organizations (at the local, state, or national level), the training of others, publishing, etc.;
  • the nominee has influenced and/or cooperated with persons and organizations within his/her community in the planning or presenting of programs or services for young people; and 
  • the nominee has reached and affected persons outside his/her own community by deed, idea, and/or example.

Award Winners
The recipient will be presented an engraved Revere bowl and a $300 financial award.

Nomination Deadline
May 15


Nomination Submissions
The nominator’s statement of support should address all criteria under the individual awards as outlined.  Nominator must submit the nomination form and attach all support statements, letters, and documentation, etc. required by the award’s criteria. ILA must receive all nominations by May 15.

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