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The ILA Reporter Advocacy inserts listed below were so popular they have sold out.  Due to budgetary restraints, we are unable to reprint them.  However, you can still download PDF versions of them.

"Confidentiality:  A Case Study in Progress," by Robert P. Doyle

"Confidentiality:  Best Practices," by Trina J. Magi

"DOPA and the Participation Gap," by Robert P. Doyle

"First Amendment Timeline," by Robert P. Doyle

"Illinois Libraries Today," by Robert P. Doyle

"Illinois Library Funding Charts"

"Illinois's New Freedom of Information Act," by Phillip Lenzini

"The Internet and Our Children," by Robert P. Doyle

"Library Advocacy," by Robert P. Doyle

"Libraries as Sanctuaries for Criminals?," by Robert P. Doyle

"Movie Ratings Are Private, Not Public Policy," by Deborah Caldwell-Stone

"Privacy and Confidentiality in Libraries," by Robert P. Doyle

"Ten Quick Tips," by Robert P. Doyle