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Anyone can nominate a qualified nominee - Spotlight a Library Celebrity!

1. Read the ILA Awards Procedures.

2. Research the ILA Awards (see below) and choose the award that you are nominating the recipient for -- the nomination form is at the bottom of each award page.

3. Complete the online nomination form (incomplete nominations will not be accepted) and include any necessary, or optional, documents to the online form and submit the nomination online.

4. A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately letting you know that we've received your nomination. 


ILA Awards Descriptions

    • Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial/DEMCO Award: Honors sustained activity and contributions having a lasting impact on librarianship. The recipient may be an individual, a group, a program, or an institution.  


    • Crosman Memorial Award: This award recognizes the achievements of the library workers who are new or relatively new to the field and encourages continued involvement in the profession.  


    • Davis Cup Award: This award is presented to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in library service to young people. Since its inception in 1971, the award has been presented to individuals who exemplify resourcefulness, professionalism, and caring in their service to young people.


    • DEMCO Library Innovative Award: This award recognizes a library, library consortium, or library system's achievement in planning and implementing an innovative or creative program or service, which has had measurable impact on its users.



    • Golden Ticket Award: This annual award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding local contribution in library services to young people in his/her community by creating and implementing library programs that promote a love of literature and instill positive feelings about libraries.



    • Intellectual Freedom Award: An individual or group is recognized for outstanding contributions in defending intellectual freedom or the advancement of these principles as espoused and promulgated by both the Illinois Library Association and the American Library Association.


    • Librarian of the Year Award: This award recognizes a librarian’s distinguished service and leadership in Illinois libraries. Generally, the librarian so honored will have made an impact locally, statewide, and nationally.  However, if an individual’s service is unusually outstanding on one level, then the nomination can rest on that area alone. 


    • Robert R. McClarren Legislative Development Award: The award is given to a worthy recipient from the Illinois library community—librarian, trustee, legislator, or library—who has contributed significantly to legislative development in the state of Illinois.



    • Deborah Dowley Preiser Marketing Award: This award recognizes a library employee's excellent work in public relations and adult programming over a period of several years, reflecting the importance of publicity and adult programming as central to the role of the library as a community center and to the library as place.


    • Reference Services Award: This award recognizes excellence in accordance with the Reference Services Forum’s mission statement: “The ILA Reference Services Forum exists for all who are interested in providing assistance to library users as they seek and use information. The forum offers opportunities to share and enhance skills as well as to promote and recognize quality service throughout Illinois.”


    • Alexander J. Skrzypek Award: The award is given to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of library services for the blind or physically disabled in Illinois.


    • TBS, Inc. Technical Services Award: This annual citation is awarded to an individual who has made a substantial contribution in the area of library technical services.


    • Trustee of the Year Award: This annual citation is awarded to a public library trustee for achievement, leadership, and service to libraries.


    • Sylvia Murphy Williams Award: The award provides encouragement and support to Illinois recipients of the ALA Spectrum Initiative Scholarship. Awardees receive a paid registration to the current ILA Annual Conference and meal functions, recognition at the annual conference award luncheon, and a featured article in an ILA publication.


    • Young Adult Librarian of the Year AwardThe purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding service to young adults by a librarian serving in the state of Illinois. This annual award is presented to a professional Young Adult Librarian who is currently an ILA member. The recipient will have made an outstanding local contribution in library services to young adults in his/her community by creating and implementing library programs and services that promote a love of literature and/or instill positive feelings about libraries.



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